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About Us


Our company MIARY I WAGI  has been acting on the market since 1956. The company office and the factory are located near Brzeg (GPS 50° 52' N 17° 29' E) in Skarbimierz-Osiedle. It's easy to reach us driving off the A4 highway half-way between Wrocław and Opole.

The Factory

We are  also Rinstrum Pty Ltd sales representative in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Company's prime business activity is production of portable electronic weighbridges (US: truck scales ).
We are always ready to provide an extensive range of weighbridges and complete truck weighing systems. Weighbridges can be custom built to suit the customers requirements and meet all necessary regulations. We also manufacture a range of weighbridge design types, including pit mounted, surface mounted with ramps and portable weighbridges. If the place is not permanent or a fixed weighbridge is not cost effective then portable axle pads can provide a better solution.

Weighbridges with analog or digital load cells from various manufacturers are offered.

We also offer additional equipment such as light signalling systems, barriers, weighbridge operations room, magnetic card reader, CCTV monitoring, etc.

Our company provides a 24-month warranty (the platform and electronics), and quick and efficient servicing, as well as post-warranty servicing.

We offer wide range of industrial weighing systems, including low-profile platform scales, pallet scales, tank & silo scales, crane scales, weighing-dosing systems, portable axle weighers and animal weighing scales with digital indicators.

To find more information about our new mobile truck scale please visit http://www.miw-scales.com/


Szybki kontakt
kom. 533 426 611
kom. 664 705 710
tel. 77 411 39 28
tel. 77 544 96 91

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